Your chance of a lifetime to Swim with Dolphins and experience a 30 minute direct encounter with these brilliant mammals. During this special experience at the Marine Park in Malta you will learn about dolphin behaviour, communication and their daily activity. There are currently 5 dolphins at the Park; Ninu, Cha, Rohan, Luqa and Sol. Accompanied by a professional trainer, small groups of guests will enter into a 6 metre deep pool and will interact with the dolphins whilst observing the social behaviour of these beautiful and intelligent marine mammals at first hand. This is a 30 minute special programme which must be booked in advance and is open for adults and children from 8 to 12 years. Besides the person swimming with dolphins, you can also book family members or friends as spectators who can watch the swimmer enjoying this special and memorable adventure.

Book well in advance of your arrival to Malta in order to secure availability.

Prices may vary per season and start at € 160 for Adults, Senior Citizens & Children.

Swim with dolphins in Malta


  • Advance bookings for the swim with dolphins activity are compulsory.
  • All guests must be good, confident swimmers.
  • Bookings must be made by completing the booking form
  • Infants 0-3 years are allowed free entrance, however they will not be allowed to swim with dolphins.
  • Adults (Over Age 13).
  • Children (Age 8 – 12).
  • Participants in this activity must be at least 125cm tall.
  • 6 & 7 year olds may be accepted on request if they are at least 125cm tall and accompanied by a parent/guardian who also participates in this activity.
  • Guests enjoy a Free Day Block Ticket for All Presentations if they purchase a Swim with Dolphins or Spectator Ticket.
  • Guests will not be allowed in the pool with any accessories such as Earrings, Necklaces, Rings, Watches, Bracelets, any type of piercing (including surgical ones), contact lenses, glasses, spectacles, still and video cameras, hair bands, caps, swim caps, any other object that may fall into the tank and cause harm to the dolphins.
  • Pregnant women cannot participate in the swim with dolphins activity.
  • Please let us know prior to booking whether you have any HEALTH ISSUES before booking your Swim with Dolphins programme.
  • Please let us know prior to booking if you are arriving to Malta on a CRUISE LINER.
  • Children under the age of 12, must present a copy of an official document at the Park entrance which indicates their age.
  • A professional photographer is available on site.
  • Wetsuits are provided to guests in winter seasons whilst an adjustable life vest is provided in summer seasons.
  • Particpants are kindly requested to take their own normal swimwear (free from rhinestones or plastic accessories) and towels.
  • Please read the Swim With Dolphins Disclaimer
  • Visit our Help Centre for more information.

Swim with dolphins in Malta


  • There are generally 2 swim sessions per day (mornings & afternoons).
  • If you prefer to book a morning swim, select Morning Preferred in the booking form.
  • If you prefer to book an afternoon swim, select Afternoon Preferred in the booking form.
  • If you select Any Time Available in the booking form, we will allocate your booking based on availability on the day.
  • The actual swim time is subject to confirmation and availability.
  • A Swim With Dolphins Ticket entitles the ticket holder to only 1 swim.
  • A Free Day Ticket which includes access to the park and all presentations is included in you purchase a swim with dolphins or spectator ticket.
  • In very rare cases the park may have to cancel bookings due to adverse weather conditions. In such cases you will be informed by email and you will be offered to move your booking to an alternative booking date or offered a full refund.

Swim with dolphins in Malta



Summer Season

June 2024 to September 2024

Swim With Dolphins

Adults & Children @ €160 - Starts at 09.30 am or 2:00 pm

Spectator Tickets

Adults @ €18 & Children/Seniors @ €13

Opening Hours

01.01.24 - 29.02.24

Friday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 17:00

01.03.24 - 07.04.24

Monday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 17:00

08.04.24 - 30.04.24

Wednesday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 17:00

01.05.24 - 31.10.24

Monday - Sunday

Opens at 09:30
Closes at 19:00

01.11.24 - 31.12.24

To Be Announced